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Our mission is to provide personalized, high-quality counselling and psychotherapy services. We have worked to create a practice that we truly believe in, creating holistic individualized treatment plans for each and every client.

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Everyone experiences times in their lives where they feel they are struggling. Whether it’s feeling overwhelmed, stressed or something more troubling, counselling can help to better understand what is going on, where it might have come from and help you to make long lasting changes to empower yourself and move in a more positive direction.



Every client is different, every issue is different. Thus, all our therapists emphasize the importance of listening to our clients, learning about them and who they truly ar and not just about their struggles. We do this in order to create individual treatment plans and strategies that fit best for that specific client. Using techniques from a variety of therapeutic approaches to find what best suits each individual client.


Working collaboratively with our clients to gain insight on their struggles is our priority. When we walk this therapeutic path side by side, the issues become clearer, easier to face and over time begin to lose their power over you, your thoughts and your behaviour.


In order to truly understand the breadth and depth of your struggles, a full holistic picture of who you are is required. This deeper understanding is revealed through our keen ability as therapists to listen to your concerns, pose pointed questions and help you conceptualize your struggles and sometimes reframe them in a way you may not have been able to without support.


Sometimes the struggles we face seem insurmountable. It is our collective believe that with the desire to work on the self, we can start to identify short and long-term goals to work towards during the therapeutic process. In focusing on these goals, it is often easier to see that there is, in fact, a light at the end of the tunnel and that often it is closer than we previously thought.

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Happy, not “happy”

What is Happiness? This may mean many different things to many different people and may seem elusive at times. By reformulating our expectations with a focus on our values and learning to let go of the things we cannot control and focus on those we can, we believe that we can learn to find true happiness that is longstanding, rather than fleeting, and can stand up to future roadblocks that we may face.


One of the first steps is to identify and explore the issues you are facing. As we flesh these out, we can start to prioritize your struggles and focus at those most pressing


Once we have a full understanding of your struggles, this is where the real work begins. Together, through the therapeutic dialogue, we work with you to identify areas for change and ways to move forward towards your desired goals.


Through therapeutic dialogues we work together to analyze your struggles. We work to help enlighten your perspective on your struggles to gain insight and escape the negative thought and/or behaviour cycles we often find ourselves stuck in.


By committing to making changes and working towards resolution often we see with time that the doors of past issues begin to close. These may be issues we have been struggling with for days, weeks, months and even years. Closing these doors helps us to move forward and become more present in our lives instead of feeling pulled towards our pasts and often towards issues we cannot control.


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