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REgulate Emotions

Find Balance

Understand Yourself

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“I just want to feel normal”

Feeling overwhelmed and disconnected can trick you into believing everyone else has it ‘all together’ and you’re falling behind. Your to-do list is endless and finding time to sit with your thoughts and understand yourself feels impossible. Paralyzed by unprocessed emotions, you resort to autopilot just to get through the day. We empathize with these challenges and offer a safe, supportive space where you can explore your emotions, learn coping strategies, and reconnect with yourself.

Reclaim control and find peace amidst life’s demands.

Do these thinking patterns sound familiar?

Individual therapy can provide the support you need for...

Body Images Issues

Anxiety Therapy

Burnout, Stress, and Overwhelm


Emotion Regulation

Depression Counselling

Life Transitions


Better understand yourself, uncover the root of your struggle, and create lasting change. Offering Counselling services in Nepean and Ottawa regions.


How We Help

At Sturgeon Counselling, we’re dedicated to providing people with the tools they need to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and clarity. We empower our clients to develop effective coping strategies, manage their emotional storms, and tackle whatever life throws their way.

Our goal is to help you break free from the grip of past events, allowing you to live fully in the present. Together, we’ll explore your values and aspirations, creating a personalized treatment plan to live the life you envision for yourself.

Thrive in your day to day life & beyond.

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About Us

Why Work With Sturgeon Counselling

Work on the self is the best work you can do.

When you’re struggling with managing your feelings and keeping up with the daily demands of life, it can feel like you’re last on your priority list. You know you want more happiness and peace but don’t know where to start or what you need.

We provide the support and tools to help you get unstuck and live with more calm and ease.

Our diverse team of therapists is committed to meeting every client’s mental health needs with a focus on inclusivity and warmth, we utilize a variety of approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), and EMDR Therapy.

Our practice was built on the philosophy that with the right help, you can overcome any hurdle life throws your way.

When you’re ready to feel more in control – we can help.

Rachel Sturgeon is a Registered Psychotherapist and the owner of Sturgeon Counselling in Nepean

Rachel Sturgeon

Clinical Director
Registered Psychotherapist, M.A., RP, CCC


Our clients range from diverse backgrounds, challenges, and situations. There is a therapist for everyone who walks through our doors.


We provide non-judgmental understanding and empathy to support you in navigating tough feelings and challenges.


We listen with genuine kindness and care, creating a safe space to feel comfortable expressing yourself openly and honestly.

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How Our Therapy Works

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We Get To Know You

We take the time to understand you, your history, current challenges, and future aspirations. We want to hear your story and build a strong foundation for the therapeutic relationship.

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We Develop A Plan

We work with you to identify your goals and what you want to get out of your therapy. Together, we create a custom plan of how to get you there.

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We Work Together

We work together to identify the roadblocks that have stopped you from reaching your goals and how to work through them towards a more authentic life.

Sturgeon Counselling

What You Can Expect From Individual Therapy

Therapy solutions for your unique needs, incorporating modalities like EMDR Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Emotion-Focused Therapy (EFT), and Mindfulness.

Experience results such as:

Sturgeon Counselling

Questions About Individual Therapy

Therapy can help you learn and understand more about who you are. Armed with this knowledge, your therapist will work with you to build a treatment plan specific to your needs. It can include, but is not limited to, building new coping skills so you can manage your day-to-day with ease, identifying and exploring your values and how you can use them to live a rich and meaningful life, and processing past events so they don’t interfere in your present day.

The frequency of sessions is dependent upon your needs in terms of why you’re coming to therapy. Typically, we will meet more regularly, often weekly, for the first part of the therapeutic process and then space sessions out as things move forward on the therapeutic journey.

Yes, coming for individual therapy can help you to understand your relationships and your role in them better. Together, we can work to build your ability to acknowledge perspectives or to communicate more effectively to create the foundation for more peace in your relationships.

This question depends on many factors. If you are engaged in Emotion-Focused Family Therapy (EFFT), then we would hope there is full participation in session and outside of session for the highest chances for success.

If a teen is doing individual therapy, we generally keep confidentiality with the teen. A parent or guardian will always be brought in if there are any concerns for safety of the teen or others, but otherwise only if the teen wishes to bring the parent in. In order to keep a strong therapeutic relationship, all content of sessions is kept confidential. We strongly believe that this is the best path to success with teens.

We believe most to all people can benefit from therapy. Therapy is not just for those in crisis or with mental health disorders. If you feel that you would benefit from a space to talk out what’s going on in your life and get some unbiased support, therapy can help. If you feel that you maybe aren’t coping with life as well as you have before, therapy can help. If you feel that you want to understand yourself a bit better, therapy can help.

Generally, clients will start to notice shifts within a few sessions after completing their intake. The timeline is really dependent on what the struggle is and a client’s commitment to the therapy process.

Sturgeon Counselling

How To Get Started

If you’re ready to get started with Sturgeon Counselling, reach out! You can book a free phone consultation online using the button below. Free consultations are optional but provide an opportunity to answer any questions you have.

If you’d like to get booked in for an appointment, you can:

  • Reach out to the therapist you’d like to work with (see their bios for their individual emails)
  • Call us
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  • Submit an inquiry via the contact form

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We all have the capacity to live the life we want.

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