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Ada Choy, MACP, RP(Qualifying), Associate

under the Supervision of Rachel Sturgeon, M.A., RP, CCC

Services Offered: Adolescent (16+)’ and Adult Psychotherapy
$150.00 per individual session, some sliding scale spots available
Daytime and Evening appointments available

I understand that everyone’s experiences and concerns differ from one another so I want to work alongside you on an individual basis to help you work towards your personal goals in therapy. My goal is to foster as safe of an environment as possible for you to express yourself and for me to listen to you with genuine empathy and attentiveness. I adopt an approach where we will work together in understanding what might work best to manage, cope with and heal from your challenges; past, present, or future.

Life can throw all kinds of difficulties and hurdles your way very unexpectedly. I hope to provide an opportunity to talk about such struggles in a non-judgemental space so I can better understand what we can do as a team to work towards what looks like hope and happiness for you. Your feelings, points of view, and words will be honoured and valued every step of the way in your journey.

Ada Choy

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